Clueless Critters

Logo and color scheme for the site.

Introductory screen.

This page directs children to choose one of the three characters, because this site is intended for a younger demographic, each of these characters has a distinctive personality and voice.

Example of completed interactive interface, the main character speaks to you regarding their mission, you use the arrows to navigate left or right within the home environment, click on the world to explore other environments.

All of the animals are interactive and animated, the user can navigate through each environment at will.

Illustration Detail - Australia -

Illustration Detail - Africa - Animals and interface elements were done by graphic designer Amelia Lepak - all backgrounds were illustrated by me.

Illustration detail - Forest Environment

Illustration Detail - Backyard environment

Illustration Detail - Beach Environment

Illustration Detail - Farm Environment

Site Map: Visual construction of all possibilities within the game. For further details please see my Information Design subsection.


We collaborated in a team of four, and in the span of a month conceived the idea for, and built It’s a childrens game directed at a very young demographic and was based around the theme of the children’s book '‘Are you my mother’' while providing a more intellectually stimulating and interactive interface like that of '‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego’'.

I was project manager, responsible for coordinating all of the team members as well as the lead graphic designer. I designed the Clueless Critters visual identity, I drew all of the backgrounds, and I built the site map.


Game Design + Illustration